Newsletter January 2016

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Oakdare Newsletter

Jan 2016
Volume 2, Issue 1

I hope you enjoy the first newsletter for 2016. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to what this year brings.

Townsville News

Welcome to 2016!! New year, new start, new opportunities. We hope that everyone enjoyed their time off over the Christmas/New Years period. It is always a great time of the year, catching up with family and friends and getting the opportunity to unwind and recharge the batteries.
The Townsville Office is now back to normal with all staff returning from some time off refreshed and ready for what 2016 has to offer. Many of the staff are currently undergoing performance reviews, which is a procedure that Oakdare has recently introduced to help employees identify areas within their positions that they are exceling, those that may need improvement and the best approach to achieve those improvements. It is hoped that this will ensure all employees are happy within their positions and performing at their best.
Work in the Townsville area has been steady over the last couple of months. There are currently 9 trucks carting Select Fill from the Stradacon Penna Quarry at Brookhill to Alligator Creek for the up grade of an overtaking pass. This Project started in mid December 2015 and is set to finish up within the next week. Oakdare has also recently secured work with Aurizon. There will be 9 trucks carting fill from the Brookhill Quarry to the Aurizon job site. This project is expected to run for about 6 months.
The crushing plant in Mt Garnet is still operational with 71169.79 tonnes crushed over the December/January period. The haulage of concentrate (Zinc & Copper) from Mt Garnet to Townsville is currently running on a reduced timetable, with 2 trucks, one from Townsville and the other from Mt Garnet, currently operating. This is due to the reduction in product being produced from the mine.

Tonnages from Dec 15 / Jan 16

  • Concentrate - 10550.20 tonnes
  • Crushing Plant - 71169.79 tonnes
  • Stradacon Penna - 16685.73 tonnes

A beautiful sunrise at the Mt Garnet Workshop
Photo captured by Ian Wallwork.


Congratulations to the following employees who have celebrated or will be celebrating a birthday:

Michele Cross - 1st January
Leonard Todaro - 5th January
Glen Halpin - 16th January
Wesley Connolly - 21st January
Mark Vallance - 5th March
Richard Crichton - 5th March

Barrie Thomson - 16th March
Joe Martin - 18th March
Ian Albrecht - 22nd March
Ian Wallwork - 22nd March
Chris Robinson - 26th March
Jason Finnie - 27th March

Compliance Update

‘How Quickly Time Flies’ Christmas and New Year 2015 a forgotten memory, Australia Day ‘been and gone’, Valentines Day just gone, and now Easter is within our sights.

I recently went on a break for 2 weeks and would like to ‘Thank’ Wayne Connolly for ‘holding the fort’ in relation to compliance tasks in my absence. The Oakdare Hold-ings AAB Permit has been renewed for a further 12 months allowing this aspect of our operations to contin-ue if required. A ‘new’ 2nd hand Skel ‘B’ Double for use on our Concentrates Haulage Operation has recently been purchased and is up and working, this equipment follows up the purchase of a ‘new’ Double Deck Cattle ‘B’ Double purchased late last year to replace the ‘B’ Double lost as a result of a road accident.

Throughout the last quarter of 2015 there were many NCR’s issued for ‘overloading’ and more recently many NCR’s issued for breaches of Work Diary Rules and poor Work Diary completions. A number of employees get these aspects of their jobs right not raising any NCR’s at all “Well Done’, other employees raise the odd NCR, but some employees raise NCR’s on many occasions, sometimes for the same non-compliances.

The most common of the non-compliances in relation to Work Diaries is breaching fatigue management rules e.g. working greater than 10 hrs in an 11 hr period, working greater than 6 days in a 7 day period, also missing or inaccurate entries in various fields on a page e.g. vehicle registration entry, no date or day of the week, no location and/or kilometre readings where required, and no ‘Work’ and ‘Rest’ Totals or incorrect ‘Work’ and ‘Rest’ Totals. Though it might seem that some of these non-compliances are minor they can all be grounds for roadside penalties if identified during roadside interceptions.

To ensure you comply with Work Diary Rules you must firstly know what they are, Part 1: Legal requirements for keeping work diary records, and Part 2: Filling in your Daily Sheet prescribe what is required in relation to completing the Work Diary. Part 3: Rules for counting time is a criti-cal element you must know to manage your work and rest times e.g. if you are a ‘standard’ fa-tigue management driver and you have already worked 12 hrs you cannot start work again until the same previous start time( 24 hrs ago). Part 4: Work and rest hour options prescribes the fatigue management rules that apply to you whether you are a ‘standard’ of ‘basic’ fatigue management driver.

Breaches of these Work Diary Rules are the most likely of the non-compliances to attract roadside penalties, the more serious the breach of the rules the greater the penalty that can be applied. Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) fatigue management, mass, dimension, loading, and speed compliance offences are categorised according to the risk they present. The categorisation recognises the potential damage to infrastructure and the risk to people’s safety which increases with the severity of the offence.

Categories of Breaches:
Minor breach – risk of someone gaining a minor unfair commercial advantage over those who operate legally, but no risk to safety or infrastructure.

Substantial breach – risk of damage to infrastructure, increasing traffic congestion and unfair competition. It may also involve some risk to safety, although not an appreciable risk.

Severe breach - appreciable risk to safety, more severe risk to infrastructure, greater risk to traffic congestion or a greater level of unfair competition.

Critical breach – contravention of fatigue regulated maximum work time and/or minimum rest time which would adversely affect the driver’s ability to drive safely.

Examples of the penalties that can be imposed – operating under standard hours – a solo driver commits an offence if , in any period stated in the standard hours rules for the driver, the driver works for more than the maximum time stated for the period, or rests for less than the minimum rest time stated for the period.
Roadside Infringement - Minor: $420 / Substantial: $630
Court imposed maximum penalty - Severe: $10,490 (+ loss of 3 x demerit points) / Critical $15,750 (+ loss of 4 demerit points) – working for greater than 13 ½ hrs in a 24 hr period is a critical risk breach.

Oakdare Holdings accepts the role of Record Keeper and reviews all Work Diary Records, we notify drivers when non-compliances have been identified and breaches have occurred, this is to enable you to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again. At the end of the day it boils down to the driver being responsible for managing their compliance with Work Diary Rules, can you afford to pay these fines.

Larry Batten

HR Update

With the new year comes a timely review of the Oakdare Single Enterprise Agreement that has been in place now for a full 12 months.

My focus this year will be dedicated to the retention of our team. First half of this year will see improvement to how we manage new projects, and how we manage the team responsible for these projects. Performance reviews have commenced and I intend to have all performance reviews completed by midyear. I will be contacting each of you over the coming weeks to say hi and get your feedback on how things are going. This is an opportunity to get to know you, the role you play within Oakdare, and how we can work together – working smarter not harder.

If I don’t get round to speaking with you in the next few weeks, give me a call or pop in.

Chelsea Hobson

Work Anniversaries
We would like to congratulate the following employees for their dedication and support to the Oakdare Team:
Gordon Gentle - 2yrs on the 17th February
David Warry - 2yrs on the 3rd March
Alana Connolly - 1 yr. on the 2nd March
Alison Padovan - 10yrs on the 1st February

Just a quick reminder that you must hand in all of your required paperwork with your Timesheets in order to be paid on time. Also this paperwork needs to be filled out correctly.
If you are driving or operating a vehicle or machine on the last day of your timesheet (Thursday) you need to record the Kilometres & Hours of each Vehicle/Trailer/Machine. This is very important to keep our maintenance records up to date.
Thankyou to those employees who are already doing this, very much appreciated.

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