Haul Construction Products

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Project Overview

Oakdare provided the services of 24/7 haulage of construction products to BMA mines Daunia and Cavil Ridge and various other mines in the Bowen Basin.

3.5M tonnes
Central Queensland

Special Features:

Oakdare had the ability at short notice to provide compliant vehicles and people to gain access to any site

Services Provided:

  • Up to 25 units of different combinations hauling to up to 9 different mines on any day
  • Provide BMA compliant equipment
  • Weighing at weighbridge
  • Provide haulage manager
  • Traffic management planning
  • Daily pre-shift toolbox meetings with operators on safety, haul roads and production
  • Provide all maintenance and fuel to all equipment and supply stand-alone workshop facility and camp

Reporting Services:

  • Daily production meeting with principle representatives and quarries
  • Weekly reports of payroll and mechanical
  • Daily reports of safety and production
  • Liaise on the go with quarry weighbridge


Contact details can be provided upon request