Labour Hire & Sub Contractors

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Labour Hire

Our skilled and experienced staff are also available to meet your labour needs in the areas of civil construction, road works and earthmoving including tools of trade.

  • Project supervision
    Road works and civil construction
  • Labour

    Skilled labour / chainsaw Ticketed

  • Plant and equipment operators
    Earthworks and General hire
  • Traffic Control
    Traffic Management


Our established network of reputable and experienced service providers with complementary construction-related capabilities allows us to deploy technical expertise required and provide a complete and customised solution for a job or project.

Contractor capabilities include

  • Subdivision planning and surveying
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Electrical work
  • Soil and water management
  • Traffic Management

All contractors undertaking project components under Oakdare’s supervision must comply with the company’s safety, quality and environmental policies and procedures. Subcontractors who enjoy an ongoing relationship with Oakdare are inducted to the same extent as employees such as site specific inductions and adhering to site safety rules.

Subcontractor performance is constantly monitored to ensure that the particular project component is on track for completion within the required timeframes and to acceptable quality standards