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Our internal safety, quality and environmental management systems ensures that service delivery at all levels within the company is in line with industry standards and regulations.

Workplace Health & Safety Management

Oakdare Holdings maintains and exercises a strong commitment to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for all employees, our stakeholders and the general public, in all internal and external work environments. Our vision is towards ensuring an accident-free workplace.

Our comprehensive WH&S Management System provides the mechanism for the company to fulfil its commitment to safety. The system has been developed to comply with the requirements of the WH&S Act and Regulations, the relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and accepted best practice. The System is supported by detailed safety documentation and manuals specific to civil construction and heavy transport service lines. Our safety system and documentation forms the basis for project specific safety documentation and ensures that projects are carried out in line with the specific safety requirements of the contract.

Our full-time accredited WH&S Officer is integral to ensuring that the company meets its WH&S obligations and requirements in managing and maintaining the WH&S system. Regular communication is maintained with employees at project or job worksites regarding the safety and specific reporting requirements for the project or job being carried out.

Provision of ongoing WH&S training and education assists to ensure our employees are competent and equipped to work in the safest possible manner. This includes comprehensive safety inductions and specific WH&S training deemed necessary for individual employees to safely perform their technical duties. Staff at all levels are aware of their WH&S responsibilities and obligations and how these are applicable to various work scenarios.

Annual internal audits of our WH&S management system ensures that our system is maintained in line with the relevant safety regulations and continued compliance.

Our NHVAS accreditation and Fatigue Management System governs acceptable working hours for our drivers and underpins our commitment towards a zero accident workplace. This fatigue management system combined with our remote servicing and maintenance capabilities allows our experienced drivers to operate 24 hours, seven days a week to safely and reliably meet your delivery timeframe requirements

Where there is a need for traffic management for civil construction projects, we are able to engage specialist, reliable traffic management operators from our network to undertake this project component to ensure traffic control is carried out in a safe and consistent manner to provide maximum protection to workers and road users, and minimise the impact of construction work on the travelling public.

Quality Assurance Management

We are committed to providing services in compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements and to a standard that aligns closely with customer needs and consistently exceeds quality and service expectations.

This quality objective is achieved through the company’s established and documented Quality Assurance System which has been developed to be consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9002 2010.

Our Quality System is supported by a comprehensive Quality Manual including a documented set of Quality Policies, Quality Procedures and Quality Forms. These procedures are effectively implemented at all levels within the company and workforce and set the benchmark for acceptable quality service levels.

Implementation, management and maintenance of the Quality System by our internal Quality Manager underpins a quality management framework that facilitates consistent and continual provision of quality service in accordance with the relevant standards.

Our commitment to quality and adherence to internal quality processes will ensure that your job or project is performed and completed to the highest quality standard, whether it be to meet the required quality specifications of a construction contract or project, or a customer’s transportation needs.

Regular internal audits of our Quality System provides a platform for enhancement of systems to ensure continuation of the consistent provision of quality services to our customers.

Environmental Awareness & Management

Oakdare is committed to corporate environmental responsibility and ensuring minimal impact on the environment in conducting our core services. This objective is a key driver for our company and is enforced in the company Environmental Policy and procedures, and of our staff support and compliance with the company environmental philosophy.

Staff are extensively trained and skilled in carrying out activities such as servicing, refuelling and maintenance in an efficient and effective manner and to the acceptable environmental standard. This is complemented by our thorough management systems, policies and procedures for the control, minimisation and management of environmental issues or risks associated with a project e.g. storage, use and disposal of hazardous substances, disposal of regulated and contaminated waste.

Our fleet and equipment are continuously turned-over to ensure the maximum operating efficiencies and therefore minimal emissions into the atmosphere.

We are committed to maximising resources and reducing waste generation. Any operational disposables such as oils, tyres and filters are all recycled.


As part of our risk management, extensive insurance coverage is in place for all key areas of the company to provide adequate protection against unforeseen circumstances and assurance to our customers.

  • Accident Insurance Policy/Worker’s Compensation Insurance Policy
    Workcover Queensland
  • Cargo - Import, Export and Inland sending
    Allianz Insurance

  • Public/Products Liability
    Allianz Insurance

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle
    Global Transport Insurance Limited / Allianz Insurance

Insurance policies are maintained up-to-date at all times and revised to include contract Principals where required. Copies of our certificates of insurance can be provided on request.

Vehicle Registrations

Our extensive fleet of vehicles, plant and equipment are all registered with Queensland Transport and copies of vehicle registrations can be provided to interested parties upon request.


Oakdare Holdings is a member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF).


National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme

Oakdare Holdings is accredited under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) for Maintenance Management as well as Fatigue Management. Our accreditation certificate can be provided on request. Participation in annual independent, external audits ensures compliance with NHVAS at all times.