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"Oakdare Holdings prime movers and trailers are of a high standard and appear to be well maintained”

Mike Loxton, Livestock Manager Townsville
JBS Australia Pty Ltd

Oakdare have an extensive inventory of modern, specialised, well maintained vehicles and heavy equipment to suit a significant range of almost any civil construction, haulage and transport application. All of our vehicles, plant and equipment are “fit for purpose”. This means that we are able to supply and utilise equipment that is the most practical and suited to your needs, therefore providing operating efficiencies, greater productivity and cost savings.

Our extensive range of civil construction and bulk haulage plant and equipment inventory means that Oakdare is your single source for all the plant and equipment resourcing needs for your project. This streamlined service approach translates into cost and time efficiencies for our clients.

The versatility of our plant and equipment means that our knowledgeable staff can develop customised plant and equipment package solutions of any combination to meet your particular needs.

Our fleet and equipment are modern and state of the art and are continuously upgraded in line with the latest model releases to ensure the most efficient operating equipment and therefore timely, reliable and cost effective service delivery.

All Oakdare trucks are fitted with satellite navigation which allows us to carefully track and monitor vehicles in transit and provide regular updates to customers on progress. This ensures the reliable delivery of your goods.

The company’s machinery pool is readily complimented by a range of complying subcontractors with which Oakdare have a long term and ongoing working relationship.

Maintenance Management

Oakdare vehicles, plant and equipment are serviced by a dedicated and experienced maintenance team. As an accredited NHVAS operator, company procedures for servicing and maintenance of plant and equipment are in line with prescribed maintenance and safety standards under the scheme. NHVAS accreditation provides our clients and stakeholders with the confidence that all heavy vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, ensuring reliability, reduced downtime and therefore greater productivity and efficiencies for your job or project.

Remote Logistics & Servicing

Oakdare is experienced and well equipped with all of the resources to service projects in remote locations such as Cape York communities, Central Queensland, remote regions in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. We are able to rapidly organise the resources required for a remotely located project on short notice if required. This includes:

  • Managing support logistics in remote locations including the establishment of temporary site camp, accommodation, and provodoring,

  • Managing plant maintenance and servicing in remote locations including establishing a temporary maintenance facility, supply of fuel etc.

Our site camp and maintenance facilities are fully self-sufficient and operational to allow for standard, regular servicing of plant and equipment. This ensures full operating capacity of our plant and equipment with minimal breakdowns, in the remotest of locations, and therefore reliability, greater efficiencies and maximum productivity for projects.

Being located onsite also allows greater responsiveness to any urgent project matters that may arise.

Plant Hire

Oakdare Holdings offers the following plant and equipment for short or long term hire with experienced operators for all aspects of construction, transport and general hire.

Plant Item

Prime Movers

B double and Road Train compliant


Side Tippers

Rock body and Door tippers


End Tippers

Rock body and Juice locks


Tri-axle Float

25 tonne


Quad-axle Float

Full axle widener to 3.5m, carrying capacity 30 tonne

With dolly to 50 tonne

Freight Trailers

40 ft

Gates and tarps

Bulk Liquid Tankers

22,000 ltrs


Bridge Unit Jinkers



Semi Water Tanker

35,000 ltrs

Batter sprays and bulk outlet

Tandem Water Tanker

13,000 ltrs

Batter sprays and road washers

Tandem Tippers

12 tonne


Dog Trailers

10 tonne


Isuzu Tipper

3 tonne



12 G



14 M

Rippers, GPS


25 tonne

Tilt bucket, Grab, Ripper, Wide range of buckets


18 tonne

6m Stick rake and cutter bar

Skid Steer

Posi Track

Auger forks, spreader bad and chain digger


5 tonne bucket

Scales, Edge/tooth bucket


3 tonne bucket

Quick hitch, 4 in 1, forks and GP Bucket


11.5 tonne

Pad foot shells


4 tonne

Twin drum


Case 580

180 Degree tilting hitch, Various buckets

Screening Plant

 2mtr x 1 mtr

Various Sizes



Slasher and Sprayer