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Bulk Haulage

Bulk Haulage

We service the needs of the mining, quarrying, rail and infrastructure maintenance and civil construction sectors throughout Queensland including remote areas of the state.

Our specialised bulk haulage capabilities includes fit-for-purpose equipment for the transportation of raw materials, quarry products, stockpile, concentrate materials, heavy machinery, waste, non-hazardous liquids, demountable buildings and other products and materials to any destination in Queensland. This includes load and cart services using our auxiliary plant and equipment.

Our state-of-the-art plant and equipment means that we are able to cater to and handle any size load and reliably and safely delivery materials or goods to the destination, in full and on time.

Service Capabilities

  • Supply and deliver of quality raw materials from our company owned quarry (aggregates, special rock, sands, mulch, ballast, premix, pool rock, top soils, general road base and rock)
  • Side and end delivery systems on all combinations from tandem tipper to permitted AAB Quad road train
  • Ability to load cart and stockpile
  • Self-sufficient in remote locations (onsite servicing and logistics)
  • Mine-certified equipment with roll over protection e.g. tippers
  • BHP-Mitsubishi Alliance spec truck and trailers, and specially trained and inducted drivers
  • Roll over tarps for safety and load protection
  • Licenced to cart concentrate materials e.g. lead, zinc, copper
  • Ability to cart treated sewerage waste
  • Bulk liquid tankers to cart a variety of non-hazardous liquids such as water and molasses
  • Ability to deliver material over any distance regardless of quantity
  • Heavy machinery haulage
  • Ability to shift demountable buildings including provisions for pilot vehicles
  • Crushing and screening capabilities
  • NHVAS Accreditation for Maintenance and Fatigue & Mass Management
  • Ability to operate 24/7 to meet delivery timeframe requirements
  • Real time vehicle monitoring and tracking system

Bulk Haulage Plant and Equipment

  • All rear tip combinations from Tandem tipper to A-double including truck and dog
  • All side tip combinations from tandem tipper to AAB-quad including truck and dog
  • All of the above combinations fitted with tarps
  • Bulk liquid tankers e.g. for molasses
  • Tandem water tanker fitted with all types of spray attachments
  • Semi water tanker fitted with all types of spray attachments
  • Pre cast bridge component jinkers
  • Flat top general freight trailers with gates
  • Tri axle low loader deck widener to 3m
  • Quad axle low load full widener to 4m

All of our bulk haulage equipment is fit for purpose and we are able to develop equipment combination packages that are most suited to the raw material being transported, load size, and the dumping location to ensure the most efficient delivery of your goods.

Our bulk haulage services are complemented by the company’s civil construction capabilities to provide a complete service package for bulk haulage projects. We draw on our civil construction plant and equipment such as loaders and excavators and ticketed operators to provide the option of load and cart services. This streamlined service approach translates into greater cost and time saving efficiencies for our clients.

Auxiliary plant and equipment from our civil construction division is available for load and cart for bulk haulage projects.


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