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Project Overview

Oakdare provides the services of delivery of construction products to the V2C Bruce Highway Upgrade project Townsville.

1.2M tonnes
Bruce Highway, Vantassel Street to Cluden, Townsville

Special Features:

Lobby transport officials and gain road train exemption permits to use AB triple road trains where safe to reduce the amount of truck movements and lessen impact to road users while reducing haulage cost to the client.

Services Provided:

  • Provide haulage units in various combinations from tandem tipper to AB triple (up to 35 units)
  • Manage hauling units delivering from 4 different quarries to up to 6 different drop points
  • Manage subcontract haulage for fluctuations in quantity demand
  • Tip to paver for top course gravel
  • Provide all maintenance to all equipment and supply stand-alone workshop facility

Reporting Services

  • Weekly production meeting with principle representatives and quarries
  • Weekly reports of payroll and mechanical
  • Daily reports of safety and production
  • Liaise on the go with construction supervisors


Contact details can be provided upon request